Welcome to our 2022 Christmas Anthology

This year has had its good and bad moments, but I would like to think more about all the positive things this year has left us with, the opportunities, the joys and the blessings.

I started this project three years ago, as a way to thank the readers and to promote the authors of Jane Austen Fan Fiction, not only in their original language but also as their first approach to the Spanish-speaking public.

I feel extremely fortunate for all those who have collaborated in this anthology, because now there are 13 stories that we bring to you thanks to the contribution of the authors, as well as all those who have worked for several months to get to this day.

It is also a great pleasure to announce that we will have some physical copies in English and Spanish that will be raffled in January when we have the books in print.

Without further ado, we share with you a few brief messages from some of the participating authors:

I live in Mexico for almost half the year and was excited to be part of a holiday anthology that I would be able to share with my Spanish-speaking friends. The quality of the book is tops, and I commend Cristy Huelsz for her vision and selection of authors.

suzan lauder

It’s truly a pleasure to have an excerpt from one of my Austen-inspired stories in this wonderful Christmas collection! Cristy did a fabulous job of translating our romantic tales into Spanish, and I hope everyone who picks up our anthology will enjoy many heartwarming holiday moments while reading it. Merry Christmas to all! 

marilyn brant

It is an honor to be included in the 2022 Christmas anthology with such talented authors. A version of «Wedding Night in Bristol» had been written for and cut from my Regency Persuasion variation, Captive Hearts. Muchas gracias, Cristy, for your hard work in translating «Wedding Night in Bristol» to Spanish!

kelly miller

This is my first time participating in the anthology and it was an interesting process. It was a fascinating undertaking and I appreciate all of Cristy’s hard work. I feel privileged to be allowed to participate. Thank you to everyone involved.

debra-ann kummoung

Cristy is a pleasure to work with and so excited about translating JAFF and introducing it to new readers. The anthology is a lovely idea, and it’s a pleasure to contribute to it.

leslie diamond

This collection of stories from Austenesque authors is such a special kind of Christmas cheer for Janeites! It is also the first time some of us (like me!) have been translated into another language, which is particularly thrilling!

jeanette watts

Wishing you a peaceful Christmas, our gift for you this year. Merry reading!

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