Christmas Antology 2021

Design Mariana Huelsz

If a few years ago anybody would have told that I’d be organizing an anthology with authors from other countries, then I wouldn’t have believed it.

It was a year ago when I published the first bilingual Christmas anthology with short stories of Jane Austen Fan Fiction, and I’m so thrill to continue this 2021 with the tradition to bring to you these charming stories about some of our favorites characters for this season.

For 2020, the authors who kindly contributed to the first anthology were: Sally Smith O’Rourke, Summer Hanford, Nicole Clarkston, Abigail Reynolds and Jack Caldwell.

For this 2021 we have the incredible colaboration of: Jennifer Redlarczyk, Nicole Clarkston, Maria Grace, Cristina Almario, Amanda Kai, Summer Hanford, L.L. Diamond, and Fernando García Pañeda.

Visit our Facebook page @Cristranslates to watch two interviews that we have with some of our authors (subtitles in Spanish and English).

This year the project was prepared earlier than last year (learning from the mistakes), the collaboration with the authors has been very special and I can’t wait for all of you to enjoy the work of these past months.

I’m very grateful that they have trusted me and my work to be able to carry out this beautiful project, which will allow more readers in English and Spanish to know them and enjoy their stories.

Many thanks to my family for all their support, to my sister for the beautiful covers, to my husband for all his love and helping me not to give up.

I would also like to thank Christina Boyd for writing the foreword for the English edition. And to Mila Cahue for writing the foreword for the Spanish edition. I admire you both so much and hope to be like you in the future.

So… I give you: «Christmas Celebrations». Available to download for free.

Happy reading!

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